Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) invests in leaders and innovations to create a world free from poverty and inequitable development: a world of dignity and equal opportunity where everyone is able to realize their full potential. We are leading a movement with thousands of passionate members in Canada, as well as staff and volunteers in Canada and in our African partner countries.

EWB's Policy & Advocacy Work:

Canadian and African governments, institutions, and people working in partnership to unlock human potential and accelerate sustainable, inclusive global development. This is the vision that EWB’s policy & advocacy work strives to achieve.

To help realize this vision, EWB’s policy & advocacy strategy sets our sights on two areas of focus:

  1. Reforming Canada’s development assistance, towards effectively supporting countries in moving beyond aid to inclusive and sustainable self- sufficiency, and the end of extreme poverty.

  2. Strengthening Canadian leadership towards responsible mining in Africa, in alignment with and active support of the principles outlined in the Africa Mining Vision.

In both of these areas, we primarily focus on Canadian government institutions, laws and policies.

We drive towards our vision for change through four interrelated approaches:

  • Mobilizing citizens across Canada to learn about critical issues, speak out and take action.

  • Building non-partisan relationships with Canadian politicians and policy makers.

  • Cultivating goal-oriented partnerships with and between actors from civil society, government and business to build an orchestra of diverse—and at times, unexpected— groups calling for change.

  • Evaluating and sharing the impacts of our advocacy work.