Have Your Say in Global Affairs Canada's International Assistance Review & Consultations

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has launched a review and consultations on Canada’s international assistance policy, which is now open for public participation through July 31, 2016.

This review and consultation process will inform efforts to renew Canada’s international assistance policy and funding framework and will contribute to the new government’s process of refocusing Canada’s international assistance envelope so that it helps the poorest and most vulnerable people, supports fragile states, and advances the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

These consultations aim to rethink Canada’s policies and programs in order to better respond to the challenges and opportunities of the new global context. Special emphasis will be placed on women and girls and on how to apply a feminist lens throughout all of Canada’s international assistance activities. 

Although EWB already participated in a consultation with GAC on May 16th, we encourage all of our community members, alumni, and the public to participate in this process and submit recommendations independently during the consultation period. 

The consultations are focused on the following themes:

  • The health and rights of women and children;
  • Green economic growth and climate change;
  • Inclusive and accountable governance, peaceful pluralism, diversity, and human rights;
  • Peace and security;
  • Responding to humanitarian crises and the needs of displaced populations;
  • And delivering results by promoting innovation and improving effectiveness, transparency and partnerships.

Who can participate?

All Canadians and international stakeholders interested in international assistance are invited to participate.

What kind of input is the government seeking?

Evidence-based recommendations drawn from experience, analysis or research that can shape the new international assistance policy, funding, and delivery framework. 

How can you participate?

IA Review, Development Policy Planning Division (PVP)

Global Affairs Canada, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G2 

What should you know before you participate?

Check out GAC's video below for more context on the consultations and this discussion paper to better understand some of the key international assistance challenges that Canada faces.

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