EWB's International Assistance Review Recommendations

Over the course of the summer, we had the opportunity to contribute to the Government of Canada and Global Affairs Canada’s international assistance review of our development policy and funding framework. Read on for some of the key points included in the submission or access the full submission.


This submission is one of three that we are making to the international assistance review that represents the ideas, ambitions and recommendations from our youth leaders, our organization and our past members and volunteers—representing our history, our present and our future.

There are three broad recommendations that are discussed in the full submission:

  1. Make smart investments in youth and public engagement

  2. Invest in a new Development Strategy

  3. Take it to the next level on transparency and open data

There are also a few fundamental commitments that will affect the effectiveness of all innovation in international assistance delivery. They are outlined here and detailed in the complete document.

Canada must provide new and ambitious funding to international assistance that is increased with a committed timetable and delivered in a predictable manner and guided by a sustainable development strategy that goes beyond aid policy. New funding should allow for both continued program delivery for good development and for innovation. Good development in areas where Canada is already having impact, such as maternal newborn and child health, aid for those that need it most, addressing poverty and humanitarian crises. Innovation through funding that allows for rapid iterations, the possibility to fail fast, and learning to take place to ensure that we are innovating for impact. We believe significant funding increases should be paired with new ideas generated through an ongoing, collaborative, multi-sectoral process designed to review and adapt our collective efforts.

Canada should link its domestic innovation agenda with innovation-focused international development efforts. EWB welcomes the Government of Canada’s ambition to scale innovation in Canada. Our experience shows that there is so much opportunity for impact and innovation when connecting initiatives at home and abroad. We believe that the forthcoming innovation strategy should take into account innovative Canadian development initiatives and should seek to link both, taking into account that exposure to foreign ideas and contexts is a powerful trigger for innovation at home.

Canada should continue to involve youth in solving Canada’s most pressing challenges by supporting organizations that enable their participation and action. What Canada can do for youth is ask youth what they can do for Canada. EWB is a proud Volunteer Cooperation Partner organization that believes in the capacity and the ability of youth to activate change in Canada and globally. Each year, EWB members collectively dedicate months of volunteer hours to our social enterprises’ work in sub-Saharan Africa as well as leadership development and public engagement in Canada. Young people will be the most impacted by our ability to deliver on the ambition of the SDGs, and we passionately believe that they have an enormous contribution to make toward creating a more sustainable and thriving world. We urge the Government of Canada to continue to actively involve young Canadians and support organizations across Canada working to equip our next generation of leaders with the necessary skills and perspective to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

To learn more, click on the image below to access the full submission.





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